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Lemme Tell You About The Transformer, Astrotrain, And Why He's My Favorite

       I am, quite obviously, a massive fan of Transformers, but I grew up in kind of a weird time for being a fan. Really, I'm just a LITTLE too young. I remember seeing my brother, who was six years older than I, get all of the coolest Transformers, and then by the time that I started being able to ask for Transformers for myself, the nature of Transformers had greatly changed. I have a great anecdotal story about him clipping Soundwave (arguably one of the coolest Transformers toys ever, which turned into a microcassette player) to his shorts and climbing a tree. He then proceeded to fall 30 feet out of that tree, and land on Soundwave, which poked him right in the kidney, and he peed blood for a week.        While I still have a great deal of fondness for them, Powermaster Optimus Prime is just not as cool of a toy as the original Optimus Prime. Notably, if you landed on Powermaster Optimus Prime, he probably wouldn't puncture your kidney, but the original Optimus Prime mig

The "Problem" of How to Think About Problematic Creators

I've talked to many of my friends about my complicated relationship with the work of Warren Ellis. His work is primarily what got me into comics as an adult, and I think a lot of it is still brilliant, and people should read it. Also, a little more than a year ago, a number of women came forward to recount their stories of sexual coercion and... misrepresentation? I don't want to make light of it, and my point is not to go in depth on what he did. Let's just say that he used his influence in the comics industry to solicit MANY women into sexual relationships, so much so that they created a website  which now has over a hundred people that have logged their histories with him, often times backing up their stories with emails and chat histories. Warren Ellis is a skeezy womanizer, and probably a pretty bad person. So how to view his works, and more specifically their influence on me? Some of my favorite go-tos for people that wanted something short and amazing

It Feels Like We Might Be On The Cusp Of A Young Avengers Movie Or TV show

 I've been watching the new Disney Plus shows as they come out, and in the latest episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier, a character is shown, but doesn't even have a name, except in the credits, and was a relation to another character that I didn't even know about, but the implications are that they've revealed another Young Avengers team member. The speed with which they're hinting at and seeding subtle hints into various movies/shows for that roster is interesting, because it makes me think that Marve/Disney is feeling the time crunch of having their actors get too old, or too famous/expensive to keep using as the "Avengers". So who are the Young Avengers? They're a team of teenage superheroes that tend to have some sort of tie to various older superheroes. They were never really an "official" Avengers team, that I know of. As in they didn't ever really have the endorsement of the adult Avengers to run around using their name. There are