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Let Me Tell You About Saints Row: The Third

I am an unashamed fan of the Saints Row games, I talked about the second game in the series a little bit in a previous post . The third game is everything completely over the top about the second game, and more. Talking about the Saints Row games in any kind of intellectual fashion is always kind of hard, on account of the subject matter. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto games, you play as the psychopathic leader of a gang/organized crime ring called The Third Street Saints. The games managed to keep from being too disturbing by keeping things pretty cartoony and comical, for instance, in the third iteration, one of the melee weapons you can get is a giant purple, phallus shaped bat; it's veiny, and wobbles... I'm sure if you meditate on the extreme crudity and tastelessness about that, you can see the dilemma. If you can just laugh and shake your head at things like that, you'll find an amazingly open world, with an unbelievable number of weapons and abilities for you to unlock