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Dark Of The Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime: AKA Butterfly Prime

First off, I'm going to apologize in advance for the uneven picture quality, some of these were taken with my cell phone, and I didn't bother to retake the shots with the nicer camera either because I didn't have the packaging anymore, or because I was lazy. So, this was my celebration gift for completing my first quarter of college, not only did I pass all of my classes, but I managed to pull off two 4.0s and a 3.9 (in philosophy, so not too shabby). My wife said that once I took all of my finals, I could get a toy, isn't she the greatest? Not only does she indulge me, but she knows how to encourage me as well, she promised me a corgi once I become a physical therapist! We went to Toys R Us, and I saw this sitting on the shelf, but it was $80, and while the wife did sign off on spending that much, I just didn't feel right, but then I also didn't want any of the other Transformers that they had after seeing it. The next day, we went to Walmart, and they had i