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Optimus Prime World Tour Stop 7: Robots In Disquise Optimus Prime

This Optimus Prime is kind of an odd one, but it has a special place in the hearts of many Transformers fans, some of which feel that it is the greatest Optimus Prime toy released so far. I'll sum up my thoughts on it at the end. Robots in Disquise was the first vehicle based Transformers cartoon since Beast Wars hit the scene, and it's also the first complete reboot of the Transformers universe. This Optimus Prime is a different character from the Optimus Prime whose toys I have covered so far. (I'm not sure of Machine Wars was part of the G1 continuity, but since there is very little fiction at all for Machine Wars, I'm just kind of ignoring it here.) I'm not going to be covering the Optimus Primal toys from the Beast Wars/Beast Machines series, primarily because I don't have as comprehensive a collection of them, and secondarily because part of what I wanted to accomplish with Prime Tour was to show the toys for the character have evolved through the