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It Feels Like We Might Be On The Cusp Of A Young Avengers Movie Or TV show

 I've been watching the new Disney Plus shows as they come out, and in the latest episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier, a character is shown, but doesn't even have a name, except in the credits, and was a relation to another character that I didn't even know about, but the implications are that they've revealed another Young Avengers team member. The speed with which they're hinting at and seeding subtle hints into various movies/shows for that roster is interesting, because it makes me think that Marve/Disney is feeling the time crunch of having their actors get too old, or too famous/expensive to keep using as the "Avengers". So who are the Young Avengers? They're a team of teenage superheroes that tend to have some sort of tie to various older superheroes. They were never really an "official" Avengers team, that I know of. As in they didn't ever really have the endorsement of the adult Avengers to run around using their name. There are