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Once Upon A Time: Robert Carlysle Gets Cast As Rumplestilskin?

Okay, I mentioned this show way back when I was talking about how awful Grimm was. How time slips away! So, this is the other "fairy tales are real!" show to hit the fall lineup, and it's corny, I'm not going to pretend that it's not, but corny can be good. There's been a "lot" of controversy over this show, saying that it's a rip off of the comic Fables , and why didn't they just do a serial adaptation of that?  So, let me spell it out for you, other than there being fairy tale creatures in the real world, there's not much of a connection between the two. In Fables, all of the fairy tale characters have fled their home lands, and they're hiding out in our world as refugees from some despot or another. In Once Upon a Time, the Evil Queen from Snow White has cursed everyone to live a life of tedium in our world, they are trapped in a podunk town where nothing changes and they have no memory of who they were. The only ones who se

Optimus Prime World Tour Stop 5: Machine Wars

I've already done a review of Machine Wars Optimus Prime, so instead of re-doing it, I'm just going to post a link to the old review , and give you a new shot of him in the lineup. Unfortunately, I'm quite busy with the first week of the new quarter, it took me a week and a half from the point of taking the pictures of Scourge to actually finishing the review. So I've hit quite a snag making it through my Prime Tour, but it will happen, just not as quickly as I'd hoped.

Optimus Prime World Tour Stop 4: Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime

Picture shamelessly stolen from Generation 2 was a relaunching of the Transformers brand. In the US the toyline had been completely retired for about three years when Generation 2 launched in 1993 (it had been going strong the whole time in Japan). The cartoon for Generation 2 was just the Generation1 cartoon, with redone splash pages. The comic was a direct continuation of the Generation 1 comic. As such, the majority of the toyline was reused molds from Generation 1, sometimes with a few tweaks or color changes. The original Optimus Prime toy was re-released, this time with a black trailer, and the addition of a sound box and spring loaded missile launchers. Sometime later they released Laser Optimus Prime, a completely new mold (in between there was another new told mold, Hero Optimus Prime, that I sadly don't have to review). I don't have an actual Laser Prime either, the first use of the mold that I was exposed to was when they repainted it for