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Optimus Prime World Tour stop 6: Combat Hero

Image shamelessly stolen from Well, I'll be amazed if there still people out there that visit my blog, but since I'm not really doing this for you, I guess I can't feel too bad. Anyway, back in the Generation 2 era, they released a smaller Optimus Prime called Combat Hero Optimus Prime, and he looked as you see above, quite horribly so. I mentioned this figure in my review of the Generation 2 Laser Prime mold. Since then I've actually acquired a Destructicon Scourge, which is the repaint that happened shortly after the RID Scourge repaint of Laser Prime that I used for the review. So, as you can see, the alternate mold for the toy is a kind of military missile truck., the whole deal is one integrated piece, not a cab and trailer. The whole thing is not terribly big, maybe about six inches long. This toy uses a similar gimmick to Laser Prime, in that there's a bellows operated missile launcher. The bellows is stored right up behind the