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So, Philosophy's Hard!

Well, to catch up the few people that read this blog that don't actually know me, I quit my job about two months ago, and went back to school in order to become a physical therapist. That means 7 years total of schooling in order to get a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Full time, so no extra money to be blowing on videogames and toys, and not so many reviews on the website (I've got years worth of reviews that I could do on those just sitting around, so don't worry, they aren't going away forever). Which leaves me with the question of what's the point of this blog anymore? I can, of course, just keep putting the occasional review of a toy up, which I do intend to keep doing, but the reason I started this blog was to give me an outlet, and a place to practice writing, since I enjoy doing it, and I'd like to get better at something I enjoy. So, the current idea, is that I'm just going to write the random crap that comes into my head a couple of times a week.

GX-56 Zerokage and Bakuryu: The triad complete

Okay, time put the lid on these Ninja Senshi Tobikage SOCs. The of the three Ninja Machines is Bakuryu, this mech has the most raw physical power, but is also slower. He comes with Zerokage, who is the rival to Tobikage, at least to begin with. Here's the two figures freed from their prison of cardboard and plastic. Their colors are oddly coordinated, considering the fact the they're on opposite sides. At first glance, Zerokage seems to be the same size as the Tobikage figure from GX-55, but placing them side by side reveals that Zerokage is actually significantly larger. I have mixed feelings about Zerokage's design, I like the overall look, but there are things that bug me about him, like his head seems too small, and his neck too long. He has a gimmick where pieces flip out from his arms and legs, which I'll show you later, which makes his arms and legs move a little oddly. On the other hand, I really enjoy his arsenal of weapons, first up is a trident. For some r

GX-55 Tobikage and Houraioh

Okay, I've had this pics sitting in my Photobucket account since last weekend, I've just been too worn out from my first week back at school to actually type this review up. Today, we've got Tobikage and Houraioh, and I'm sure that being the faithful followers that you are, that you remember my previous review of GX 54 Tobikage and Kurojishi . So what's the deal with having two Tobikages? The idea is that the first Tobikage figure is the one that's designed to interact with all three of the ninja machines, the second Tobikage is more anime accurate and articulated. The third ninja machine actually comes with a different robot, Zerokage, but we'll talk about that when we get there. After opening up the package, I was surprised by how much larger this Tobikage figure is. I had expected it to be slightly larger, and to just be slightly different, but this Tobikage is almost full SOC size, and looks significantly different. As you can see he's much closer